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Last Night’s Jolly Joker Jackpot in Score bar was a blast. And thanks to all the regulars and visitors that had a great time. For those that weren’t in attendance, here’s a brief explanation of why.

The jackpot was at 28,000 pesos. And there were TWO regulation draw. Neither of the two lucky ticket holders turned up the Joker. Now, the “Tommo Precedent” kicked in. Another draw for 50,000 pesos. Again, there was no winner!!!

Not allowing himself to be outdone, Tommo upped the ante. He would do one more draw for 100,000 pesos, but it came with one condition. It was a 50/50 draw. For the mathematically challenged, its 50% to the winner and 50% back in the pot. LOL. Again, no winner!!

The bar crowd chanted ‘One More, One More” and after a brief deliberation, the fifth and final draw of the night was held. Again… NO WINNER!!

Not allowing himself to be outdone for a second time in one evening, Tommo announced next week’s draw would be for 50,000 pesos. But it didn’t stop there. A great mate whispered to Tommo he would tip in 20,000 pesos for next week’s Jolly Joker….

So next Friday, July 3 the Jolly Joker Jackpot in Score bar is 70,000 pesos!!!